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This is a world clock-like watchface, but This watchface does not have the world clock function.I hope you enjoy only the atmosphere of the world clock.(This is a modification of NEXT ATLAS design which I made several years ago.)

Note: This watchface does not have an animation where the world map like ATLAS 3 scrolls.This watchface does not correspond to Round only.(Even Pebble color LCD is black and white.)

Function: Current time,date, day of the week, remaining battery level display, Bluetooth connection display (Original version is no vibration function when Bluetooth connection is broken), second display (Yes / No)

You can download 4 different versions at the same time.

・ATLAS4.pbw ... Original version (Consumption of battery is fast as there is a second display.)

・ATLAS4_Vib.pbw...Add Bluetooth disconnect vibration to Original version.

・ATLAS4_NoSec.pbw ... Delete second display from Original version.

・ATLAS4_NoSec_Vib.pbw...Add Bluetooth disconnect vibration to ATLAS4_NoSec.pbw.


世界時計風なwatchfaceですが、世界時計機能はありません。世界時計の「雰囲気」だけ楽しんで頂ければと思います。(数年前に作ったNEXT ATLASのデザインを修正したものです。)








I want this!
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